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The most common leadership failures stem from trying to apply technical solutions to adaptive challenges

Ronald A. Heifetz

Welcome to Conservation Coaching. We support conservation and environmental professionals on their leadership development journey, to be the best versions of themselves, to increase their impact in their work and in the world.Conservation Coaching can help you develop your leadership skills whilst ensuring you find some balance between 'the cause' you are dedicating your life to, and your own wellbeing and re-find the joy in the work you do.Conservation is about the care, protection, preservation and development of our natural world and its resources. Leaders in conservation understand the incredible importance of this and give themselves - heart, body, mind, and soul - to make a difference.BUTYou are often so committed to the world around you that you don’t have the time, energy and/or opportunity to invest in the care, protection, preservation, and development of yourself and your teams.Stop.Breathe.Ask yourself:

It’s time to heal and nourish yourself and your own environment to allow you to have the impact you want to have on our world.

“ If you’re not open to focused introspection & you do not practice it on a routine basis, you will not be a great leader”

John Amaechi

Vision and Mission

Our Vision
Conservation and environmental leaders will not only have the skills, knowledge and aptitudes, but the confidence, resilience and emotional awareness needed to thrive both personally and professionally. This will result in them having a greater impact in the world, individually, at an organisational level and globally.
Our Mission is toPlay our part in changing the world!We’ll do this through being your coach, consultant, facilitator and critical friend through a journey of self discovery and personal development. Specialising in supporting mid-career conservationists and environmentalists, we support the next generation of conservation leaders to have a greater impact in an increasingly challenging world.

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Protecting Yourself AND The Planet

Leadership Development Coaching Programme

How to be a great leader without burning out

Traditional training programmes tend to focus on imparting knowledge to participants, with a bit of time for reflection and maybe a role play or two to make an “interactive” course. This flexible programme is built around a coaching methodology, to support a range of conservation professionals in an agile way combining content that we know make conservation and environmental professionals more effective at their jobs.These elements are combined at a pace that works for you to learn and grow as a leader in a complex world, taking place over several months to ensure you have the time and support to put it into practice.You’ll develop your own coaching skills throughout, equipping you with practical skills and approaches to become your own coach and lead your own teams and programmes more effectively, whilst modelling a coaching approach.

Key Programme Elements

1 x personal psychometric
assessment to increase
self awareness

4 x live knowledge sharing
sessions, recordings available
for different time zones

3 x personal coaching sessions
to develop accountability and
focused development

4 x group coaching
sessions to explore
themes and practice skills
with peers

Expected Outcomes

  • Increase your resilience and wellbeing

  • Act as a conscious leader - awareness of self and others to aid productivity and strategic development

  • Increased self-awareness, confidence and assertiveness

  • Improved ability to communicate

  • More effective team management and leadership skills

  • Improved decision-making and self-sufficiency

Four Pillars of Development

Personal Awareness

  • Understanding yourself, your emotions, your drivers and how this can make you a strong, compassionate leader

  • Understanding your leadership style and how to get the most of out people

Conscious Leadership

  • How to move from surviving, to striving, to thriving

  • Balancing passion for the 'cause' with self-care and rest to build resilience

Leadership Impact

  • Organisational awareness and strategic thinking

  • Moving beyond management into inspiring leadership

  • Creating an environment for others to thrive and grow, where results are achieved through a collaborative high performing team

Relationship Management

  • Communicating effectively with stakeholders and teams

  • Conflict management

  • Influencing others

How Coaching can help develop you as a leader

Increase your impact

Coaching is an opportunity to have a thought-provoking, confidential conversation. Time to think and take stock, re-balance, reflect and focus on what is important. What's the difference between coaching and training? This video summarises it nicely.Perhaps you want to find a better work-life balance and increase your productivity and impact. Maybe you are going through a transition, changing career, or wish to take your career to the next level. Coaching can help you have the courage and self-belief you need to move forwards with all of this and more.We believe in coaching the whole person so whether you want help with a work or personal issue we'll probably end up exploring lots of the different pillars of coaching.We offer bespoke packages tailored to your particular needs, your aims and your personality. Our approach draws on proven techniques from many disciplines and is underpinned by elements of Positive Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and leadership development approaches.

The Benefits of Coaching

What you will gain from coaching will largely depend on what your goals are, but the following are outcomes that many of our clients have experienced whilst working with us:

  • Improved confidence - Improved self-belief and confidence to navigate change more effectively, in interviews/job applications or in stating their needs at work or home.

  • Increased job satisfaction and effectiveness at work - Whether they decided to stay where they were or move on.

  • Reduced stress - Developed tactics for stress management, resulting in improved effectiveness at work.

  • Improved leadership skills and effectiveness as a manager - Developed and became aware of their authentic leadership style and felt confident applying it.

  • Increased motivation and achieved goals - Overcame drivers of procrastination in order to achieve desired goals.

  • Increased self-awareness of strengths and values - Which resulted in increased understanding, self-compassion and better decision making.

  • Felt heard and understood - This is sometimes all that is needed to move forwards.

  • Discovered new perspectives and shifted their thinking - Which unlocked a new approach to an old challenge.

Elevate Your Leadership

You are likely dealing with adaptive challenges, whether you are tackling climate change, species extinctions, habitat preservation or ecosystem restoration, the challenges are complex, multi-faceted, often cross cultural and transboundary.These challenges require an adaptive leadership style - disrupting the status quo, shifting behaviours and values in order to reach a solution. It's tough work and it takes skill, resilience and strength to work in this space. How are you preparing and resourcing yourself to do this work?Perhaps you are new to leadership, perhaps you have been a leader or a manager for a while but still feel like you are finding your way, perhaps you are comfortable with your leadership style and approach but would like to be more effective. Well you're in the right place. We will work with you to:

  • Find and hone their authentic leadership style so you can be confident as a leader and inspire others

  • Refresh yourself on how to get the most out of your team

  • Develop your emotional intelligence so you are aware of your own and your team's needs

  • Increase your wellbeing and work-life balance to improve resilience when things get tough

  • Get comfortable in the disequilibrium that comes from disrupting the status quo including work around 'imposter syndrome', confidence presence, and managing up

Find balance

The world is facing many critical threats and it's easy to focus all your energy on these, but how well are you protecting yourself to ensure you are able to maximise opportunities and stay resilient in the face of environmental devastation?How well are you taking care of yourself and developing your skills, to ensure you are still having the impact you desire and are able to tackle the many adaptive challenges you face?We see many clients in the environment sector who risk burning out. Perhaps you recognise yourself:

  • You're worried that if you don’t do ‘it’ no-one will. You end up taking on more work than you have time for. Busyness has become a bit of a badge of honour for you but you’re starting to worry you might be heading towards a burnout and want some help figuring out how to avoid this.

  • You’ve dedicated your life to working for a good cause, whether environmental or social. The scale of the problem you are working on is so huge, you wonder how you can ever rest and feel relaxed, knowing that there’s so much to do. You have limited social life outside of work and recognise that your work-life balance is unsustainable but you're not sure where to start.

Together we can work out what a more balanced life looks like for you, so you can keep pursuing your passion without sacrificing your wellbeing.

Nurture Organisational Growth

We are experienced in creating bespoke packages to meet your organisational needs, combining the following elements:

  • Coaching skills for conservation managers

  • Group coaching sessions

  • Team building, leadership development and training

  • Conservation strategy development

  • Effective team working

  • Creating a coaching culture

The Benefits of Coaching within an Organsation

  • Demonstrates organisational commitment to employee development meaning staff feel valued: 86% of companies report they recoup their investment on coaching*

  • Improved performance: Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills*

  • Employees are empowered and encouraged to take responsibility

  • Individuals are more engaged, motivated and supported to excel

  • Helps to identify and develop high potential employees

  • Identifies both organisational and individual strengths and areas for further development

*Source: ICF 2009

Are you ready to support your organisational development?

How Coaching can help develop you as a leader

Group Coaching

  • Explore ideas, challenges and issues and gain clarity on next steps.

  • Benefit from group input, group experience and breadth of topics (from others).

  • Learn from others' experiences and feel reassured that you are not alone in your challenges.

  • Peer support and ongoing group support, should you choose.

  • Time and focus shared with others.

Perfect if you:

  • Enjoy group discussions, learning from others and group situations.

  • Are seeking peer support and ideas.

  • Want to work on something that you are happy sharing with a group.


Kathleen Harkins

Kathleen has a wealth of experience in people development from a range of sectors. She brings an in-depth understanding of many of the challenges people face in organisations. She has a creative and pragmatic approach, combining over 25 years' of experience in a learning and development environment, with a coaching approach.Kathleen has worked in a variety of roles both in her home town of Edinburgh, and across the UK, including training and development, organisational development and change management, to name a few. The one thing they all had in common was the focus on improving individual and company performance.During her corporate career, Kathleen has observed situations where company performance was detrimental to individual performance and so her mantra became “remember it’s about people not resources”.Kathleen set up her people development consultancy in 2019, which has allowed her to get back to the core of what matters to her: helping people make changes!

  • Member of the International Coaching Federation

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching (in progress)

  • Mindfulness Practitioner with the Mindfulness Association

  • Change Management Practitioner with APMG

  • International Mental Health First Aid Superviser Level 3 award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

  • NLP Practitioner Licensed practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills completed with Scotland's professional body for counselling & psychotherapy

  • CIPD qualification in Training Design and Delivery

  • Certified to use a range of personal profiling tools (MBTI, DISC, BeTalent Resilience, Strengths and Decision Making, SDI Strengths)

Tori Jeffers

Tori has worked for a variety of not-for profit organisations both in London and Bristol. In particular, she has significant experience supporting, developing and managing individuals and teams globally - both nascent and well-established - through challenging situations, periods of growth or change, and often remotely. These situations required dedication, empathy, emotional intelligence and intuition, and equipped her well for coaching.Tori has supported a range of individuals and groups including career switchers, armed forces personnel, teachers, students and conservation professionals. She's particularly passionate about supporting clients during transitions into more senior leadership roles, as working through a series of her own challenges, she came to realise that people are an organisation’s most valued asset and supporting both personal and team growth, wellbeing and resilience is paramount to overall organisational wellbeing and success.

  • Credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Over 200 hours of team and individual coaching experience with professionals from a range of backgrounds

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Personal & Business Coaching (in progress)

  • Master of Science (MsC) in Conservation and Biodiversity

  • Kinship Conservation Fellow

  • Regular supervision to support personal development and ensure Tori adheres to the ICF code of ethics

Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information

Leadership Development Coaching Programme_OLD TEXT

How to be a great leader without burning out

This modular development programme has been designed to combine content on themes that we know make conservation and environmental professionals more effective at their jobs.These elements are combined at a pace that works for you to learn and grow as a leader in a complex world; to create a journey of self-discovery and let you have the impact you know you can have.

Key Programme Elements

  • 1:1 coaching to set goals and support implementation

  • Group coaching sessions to explore themes

  • Knowledge sharing theory sessions

  • Psychometrics and personal profiling to understand preferences

  • Facilitated self learning

Expected Outcomes

  • Act as a conscious leader - awareness of self and others to increase productivty and wellbeing

  • Increased self-awareness, confidence and assertiveness

  • Improved ability to communicate

  • More effective team management skills

  • Improved decision-making and self-sufficiency

Core Programme Themes

Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding yourself, your emotions, your drivers and how this can make you a strong, compassionate leader.

  • Understanding your leadership style and how to get the most of out people.

Wellbeing – Building Strength and Resilience

  • How to move from surviving, to striving, to thriving.

  • Balancing passion for the 'cause' with self-care and rest.

Leading and Inspiring Others

  • Moving beyond management into inspiring leadership.

  • Creating an environment for others to thrive and grow, where results are achieved through a collaborative high performing team.

  • How to create psychological safety in a team.

How Coaching can help develop you as a leader

  • A personal session outline which we will discuss and decide together.

  • A 45 min reflection call 3-6 months after the package ends to discuss progress.

  • At least 1 x 90-minute call per month

  • An additional session to use when you choose. For example, to prepare for an interview you may desire an extra session in addition to the usual monthly 90-minute session.

  • Useful resources and an accountability call between sessions, if desired/required,

Exploration & Awareness

3 months

To explore challenges and build self- awareness.3.5 sesssions over 3 months5% saving available if paid in advance£700


6 months

For longer term challenges & behavioural changes.7 sessions over 6 months10% saving available if paid in advance£1400


9-12 months

To see lasting impact and deeper behaviour change.Bespoke and flexible packages15% saving available if paid in advanceContact me for prices